Noezybuckets X SLUNKS

Regular price $499.00
Why are these SLUNKS $499? Because they are an exclusive gift for members of the noezybuckets online volleyball academies.
Join one of our three online academies for a full year - Setter AcademyMiddle BEAST Academy or the Libero Academy and you’ll get a code for us to take the price down to $0 - your choice of any of these shorts (while supplies last) One membership - one pair of shorts. If you want to get a membership to all 3, we will send you 3 codes.
These SLUNKS are a limited edition, there are only 50 printed for each design.
Once they are gone - they are gone. These are our gift to you as a member of the noezybuckets online academies.
Join one of noezybuckets online academies for a full year and get a code to drop these to $0.