Slunks are made by turning recycled bottles into an amazing fiber, to make athletic apparel that you can feel good about wearing. It is our obligation as Slunks to pay homage to any and all that have Slunked before us. A true Slunk grinds to the point of exhaustion, but also knows how to indulge in the savory fruits life has to offer.

From Phil & Nick:

Phil Dalhausser

Slunks has developed a line of athletic beach shorts that are the most comfortable I've worn in my entire career and have done it with materials that will help us keep our planet healthy.

Nick Lucena
Professional Beach Volleyball Player

The Slunks shorts are my favorites bro. I am fairly certain I move a step quicker because my shorts designs are so sweet, it's just a fact.

Our History


Now this is a story all about how a few OG Slunks created this brand so we'd like to take a minute just sit right there and we'll tell you how we became the band of the rarest of rare.


Funny lyric composition about 2019 was harder than we thought. We'll come up with something for how amazing this year was...I'm sure of it. We had Troy Field join us, we sold our first 1,000 shorts, and much more. Damn writers block.

March 2020

Ok, honestly we got kind of tired and depressed even thinking of the early history of 2020. Corona never tasted so bad to a Slunk, yet we endured and created a better version of our Slunky selves. I think I'm feeling the energy to write more content...

June 2020

Yep, ok, I'm feeling it again. Risin' up, back on the beach. Did our time, took our chances. Went to testing, now we're back on our feet. Just a Slunk and his will to thrive. So many times, it happens too fast. You trade your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past. You must fight just to keep them alive.


Phil Dalhausser & Nick Lucena join as the newest Slunks only to go on to Win the first two of the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Champions Cup Series Events. These guys are absolute studs on the volleyball court. Slunks to their core and getting better every day.

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