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Our Designer Beau likes to keep things simple which we at SLUNKS support.  These rad shorts are for the everyday man who needs a pair of good work horse shorts that are comfy but won't attract every girl on the beach.  In reality if you are married or in a serious relationship these may be the way to go to avoid rocking the boat.


Slunks are made to fit all shapes and sizes, but despite the amazing materials and flexibility in our fabrics and fits, we do have some recommendations for you.

Men's Shorts Sizing (Updated August 7, 2020 for Season 3):

Slunks Sizes Men's Typical Waist Size
YM 20-22
YL 22-25
XXS 25-27
XS 27-29
S 29-31
M 31-33
L 33-35
XL 35-37
XXL 37-39
XXXL 39-41
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