Nick Lucena Collection

The Slunks + Nick Lucena Collection is beginning of a collaboration between a long lost Slunk himself and our founders. The Lucena Collection is guaranteed to only get more wild from here, just like Nick over the years.

Nick would hate this, but we feel he's earned a little bragging, we know we would have no problem making sure you all knew our accolades. At 6'1" (maybe), Nick has proven that size doesn't matter (we told you Heather!). Lucena has earned 14 AVP 1st Place finishes (including the Manhattan Beach Open 3 times) & 9 FIVB top finishes in his career.

Today, Nick Lucena and Phil are working through a pandemic-laden training year on their path towards competing for a Gold Medal in Tokyo 2020...we mean Tokyo 2021?

Nick's + Slunks Collaboration collection is a limited edition carrying his unique NL logo. Pre-orders open up with the beginning of the AVP Cup on July 18th, 2020.

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