Old About Us


Slunks are committed contributors to the greater collective. Slunks were born from the ashes of failed attempts to recreate the past.

The select congregation that makes up all Slunks embodies the active lifestyle, and the benignant yet lupine attitude that was developed on the Southern California coast. It is our obligation as Slunks to pay HOMAGE to any and all that have Slunked before us.

A true Slunk grinds to the point of exhaustion, but also knows how to indulge in the savory fruits life has to offer.


Yep... Our shorts are made from water bottles.
What do you mean plastic bottles?
Slunks are made by turning recycled bottles into an amazing fiber, to make athletic apparel that you can feel good about wearing.
How does it work?
We have partnered with one of the most advanced recycling facilities in the world where they sort plastic, wash it and chop it into clean flakes. Flakes are then treated and turned into special performance fibers that make up Slunks.
Is the process certified?
Yes. Our vertically integrated partner's process results in the highest quality recycled fiber, chip and flake — made for the good of tomorrow.
Any questions can be emailed to admin@getslunks.com!