Sustainability for all
What are slunks?
Slunks shorts are made from an incredibly comfortable and flexible athletic fabric that you can feel good about wearing.
Our fabric is woven from REPREVE®
a fiber that is made from recycled plastic bottles.
A 'Slunk' (descriptive noun) grinds to the point of exhaustion, but also knows how to indulge in the savory fruits life has to offer. It's our obligation as Slunks to pay homage to any and all that have Slunked before us.

Custom Designs

Custom designed and developed for our 200+ sports teams.

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Slunks has developed a line of athletic beach shorts that are the most comfortable I've worn in my entire career and have done it with materials that will help us keep our planet healthy.

Phil Dalhausser, Pro Beach Volleyball Player

The Slunks shorts are my favorites bro. I am fairly certain I move a step quicker because my shorts designs are so sweet, it's just a fact.

Nick Lucena, Pro Beach Volleyball Player

There's no age limit to being a Slunk you simply are just a Slunk... you create the meaning of Slunks!

Troy Field, Pro Beach Volleyball Player