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These Championship Sunday, Slunks + Nick Lucena Original shorts nicknamed the "Green Gospel" are inspired by the 90% recycled water bottles that the shorts are made from. These shorts are the second Slunks created in partnership with the best defender in the game. These beach volleyball shorts were custom-designed for Nick and Phil for the AVP Champions Cup Porsche Cup.

A Little About Nick "The Quick" Lucena:

Nick would hate this, but we feel he's earned a little bragging, we know we would have no problem making sure you all knew our accolades. At 6'1" (maybe), Nick has proven that size doesn't matter (we told you, Heather!). Lucena has earned 16 AVP 1st Place finishes (including the Manhattan Beach Open 3 times) & 9 FIVB top finishes in his career.

Slunks and Nick started this collaboration as an advanced study in improving Nick's quickness on the court. After hours of intensive analysis, weeks of modified designs, and hundreds of alcoholic beverages, we finally came up with a short that increases Nick's digs per set by over 0.1231 digs. Bet you can't say that other shorts brand.

About these shorts:

The Green Gospel shorts are celebrating the commitment to sustainability that Slunks has and the unique design from the 2020 Slunks originals, the Creamsicles...featuring the unique Slunks design characteristics; the built-in compression shorts that are finally a liner that doesn't suck (you know what we mean), the fact that all of our shorts are made from actually recycled water bottles (we love our planet and living), and the exclusive Nick Lucena logo on the leg.

This short is a limited edition developed in celebration of the AVP Champions Cup Champions

Slunks are made to fit all shapes and sizes, but despite the amazing materials and flexibility in our fabrics and fits, we do have some recommendations for you.

Men's Shorts Sizing (Updated August 7, 2020 for Season 3):

Slunks Sizes Men's Typical Waist Size
YM 20-22
YL 22-25
XXS 25-27
XS 27-29
S 29-31
M 31-33
L 33-35
XL 35-37
XXL 37-39
XXXL 39-41
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