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The Slunks + Phil Dalhausser Champions Cup shorts are nicknamed "Pig Roast" in honor of the luaus in Hawaii during his wedding there to his wife and ultimate supporter Jen. These floral-inspired high-performance men's beach volleyball shorts were custom-designed to celebrate the AVP Champions Cup Winners and will be limited to only 100 total pairs in honor of the 100 tournaments Nick & Phil played together.

Don't know Phil? He's just the 2008 Gold Medalist in Beach Volleyball and the most decorated men's beach volleyball player of this generation with 58 AVP wins and 38 FIVB wins in his career (5th all-time).

Slunks and Phil partnered up the same way most hookups start...when a random friend introduces you to someone who you will obviously not mesh with, but somehow you end up making out in the corner all night and now have 3 children and a mini-van.

You'll love these Hawaiian inspired shorts for the same reason volleyball players and generally cool people love Slunks shorts; the unique built-in liner that doesn't suck (you know what we mean), the fact that all of our shorts are made from recycled water bottles (we love our planet and living), and the attention you'll get by rocking something different from the other thousands of dudes on the beach.

This short is a very limited edition and available to pre-order now. We expect the first orders to be delivered by late September.

Slunks are made to fit all shapes and sizes, but despite the amazing materials and flexibility in our fabrics and fits, we do have some recommendations for you.

Men's Shorts Sizing (Updated August 7, 2020 for Season 3):

Slunks Sizes Men's Typical Waist Size
YM 20-22
YL 22-25
XXS 25-27
XS 27-29
S 29-31
M 31-33
L 33-35
XL 35-37
XXL 37-39
XXXL 39-41
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