Sizing Guide | Slunks

Slunks are made to fit all shapes and sizes, but despite the amazing materials and flexibility in our fabrics and fits, we do have some recommendations for you.

Men's Shorts Sizing :

Slunks Sizes Men's Typical Waist Size
XXXS 22-25
XXS 25-27
XS 27-29
S 29-31
M 31-33
L 33-35
XL 35-37
XXL 37-39
XXXL 39-41


We want to empower women to face everyday with support and comfort. Our sizing below can be helpful for all of our women's gear, including sports tops, leggings and shorts! 

Women's Size Guide:

 Slunks Sizes US Women's Sizing
XS 0-2
S 2-4
M 4-6
L 6-8
XL 8-10
XXL 12 - 14